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How can Veritas Information classification be part of your GDPR solution

With General Protection Data Regulation (GDPR) due to be applied from May 2018, it is essential for your organisation to be adequately prepared. In so doing you will need to consider in depth your organisation’s technology requirements in terms of data protection and compliance to GDPR. With the launch of Enterprise Vault 12.2, Veritas introduced a new classification engine (Veritas Information Classification). Taken from our recent deep-dive webinar, Adept-tec has created a video on Information Classification and how it can help you comply with GDPR. It covers some of the key requirements of GDPR and shows how you can use Enterprise Vault and particularly classification to identify personal data, ensure that it can be searched and that data is deleted as required. It also deals with configuring classification, creating retention plans, defining tags, patterns and policies and shows how to test and monitor classification. To view the presentation please follow the link below.

Video on Enterprise Vault Classification

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Adept-tec was established in 2010 as a premium provider of professional services around the Enterprise Vault product suite. In addition we have rapidly become the go-to specialists for your data migrations. We cover pre-sales, initial design and analysis, to implementation.

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Having worked for many years at the highest technical level with Veritas, all our specialists have achieved ASC (Authorized Symantec Consultant) certification, the highest qualification given by Symantec (now Veritas). We have worked with a range of diverse companies and institutions from both the private and public sectors. The combination of extensive in-the-field experience and a professional approach ensures Adept-tec delivers appropriate, high quality solutions and services to their clients.

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