We specialize in providing professional services around the Enterprise Vault product suite  – from pre-sales, initial design and analysis, to implementation and data migration. As well as providing business critical support during emergency situations and resolving highly complex technical issues,We provide world-class training for Enterprise Vault. The combination of extensive in-the-field experience and a professional approach ensures Adept-tec delivers appropriate, high quality solutions and services to their clients.

Our client base includes both private and public sector companies.

Adept-tec was established in 2010 and is forging relationships and partnerships rapidly in the Archiving and eDiscovery arena.

Our History

Dean Miller founded Adeptec Consulting in 2010.  With a new name that would reflect the change the company, Adept-tec expanded in August 2012 with two additional directors, Jeff Shotton and Billie Bachra.  Adept-tec subsequently increased its footprint in the archiving and eDiscovery market space by focusing on analysis, design, training, migrations, on-going support and bespoke consulting around the Enterprise Vault product suite by Symantec. In 2013 Adept-tec extended their services to include best-of-breed tools from selected partners.

Our People

As Enterprise Vault specialists working for Symantec, our employees have been involved in a variety of complex and challenging projects, working with smaller companies through to blue chip and large enterprises. Adept-tec staff have therefore many years experience working with Enterprise Vault and different types of Enterprise Vault migration projects.

As the company name describes, Adept-tec (Adept: A highly skilled or well-trained individual), all of our consultants are highly skilled with extensive Enterprise Vault experience, each having worked at Symantec for at least 8 years.  They have all achieved ASC (Authorized Symantec Consultant) certification, the highest qualification given by Symantec.

DEAN MILLER | Director of Consulting

With a reputation for maximising an opportunity and building strong client relationships, Dean understands what it is like to grow a business from scratch.  Dean’s input has been instrumental in forming Adept-tec and subsequent new business development.

Dean is one of the founding members of Adept-tec and holds the position of Director with responsibility for Consultancy Services, he also serves as the Managing Director.  He has over 9 years’ experience in the archiving field, including IT training, support, CRM and database administration, among others.

Prior to forming Adept-tec, Dean began his IT career with Manifest Training, where he held the position of software trainer predominately in the legal market sector.  After successfully completing his MCSE he joined Tikit and made the transition to IT support in 1999.  The support role was focused on CRM and document Management systems.  In 2003 Dean joined Transam Microsystems and went on to become a technical consultant.  During his tenure at Transam Microsystems, Dean championed formation of an Enterprise Vault consultancy team with a dedicated sales resource.  Responsibilities included interviewing, training, pre-sales, client meetings, proposals and solution design/implementation.

In 2007, Dean’s career took another leap forward when he joined Symantec as a Senior Consultant.  Focused on Symantec’s Information Lifecycle Management product Enterprise Vault, Dean demonstrated proficiency at bringing projects from concept to completion at both technical and business process levels.

JEFF SHOTTON | Director of Support

Jeff started his IT career amidst the reign of terror known as the Y2K bug, which threatened to doom the world financial markets, cause planes to drop from the sky and make us all believe we had been transported back to the year 1900. Fortunately the world did not end, so he shelved his copy of COBOL for Dummies, became part of an IT infrastructure support team…and was somehow plunged headforth into the new and exciting world of web application development – because he admitted to having a website.  Fortunately this fact was never verified as the content would have raised many difficult questions. It was during this time that he forged strong database and scripting skills, while concurrently learning about IT infrastructure by deploying applications and servers for the software he had written.

Inevitably, after being exposed to projects utilizing overpaid contractors, the insidious whispering call of the dark side became too strong to resist and Jeff briefly became an evil contractor, selling his skills to the highest bidder. This did however lead to exposure of a vast variety of environments and platforms in a short space of time. Small compensation for the scars on his soul.

In 2004, Jeff sought redemption and joined Veritas Software. It turned out he had actually joined Symantec instead (a careless mistake on his part) which was eating other companies like they were M&M’s. It was at this time he was introduced to a product from another devouring – Enterprise Vault.  The position turned out to be a perfect match – the messaging, scripting, database, IIS and infrastructure skills all proving necessary for such a multi-faceted product. Jeff quickly rose through the support organisation to become one of only two Business Critical Engineers for Symantec serving the largest Enterprise Vault customers within the whole of EMEA.

He has a reputation for fixing the unfixable. This is fortunate, since his children have a reputation for breaking the unbreakable.

BILLIE BACHRA | Director of Training

After 8 happy years working in R&D in the Pharmaceutical industry, Billie made a decision to leave and study for a PhD in Nuclear Physics. As though this was not challenging enough Billie also had two (of her three) children while she was pursuing her studies and still managed to complete her research and graduate within 4 years – she dedicated the thesis to her children. Subsequently Billie has worked in education for over 19 years. She worked as an independent training consultant from 1994 to 1999 primarily for Hewlett Packard’s Analytical Chemistry division. In 1999 Billie worked as a pre-sales technical consultant for Hewlett Packard Storage division to cover maternity leave.

In January 2000 Billie completed the transition from science to IT by  joining Veritas Education as a Senior Training Instructor specialising in teaching Veritas Volume Manager, Veritas Cluster Server and NetBackup in EMEA.  Veritas merged with Symantec in 2005.  Billie was promoted to a Principal Course Developer in 2006 and specialised in Symantec Enterprise Vault. Billie has developed training in all aspects of Enterprise Vault – Exchange, Domino, File Servers, Discovery Accelerator, Compliance Accelerator basic and advanced courses for customers and partners. During her time in Course Development at Symantec, Billie was actively involved in partner and customer certification workshops and creating Transfer of Information (TOI’s) training from Enterprise Vault engineering to the internal Symantec technical community Billie also designed a blended learning solution for Enterprise Vault engineering new hires and travelled across the world during her time at Symantec.

In 2012 Billie joined Adept-tec as a Principal Training Consultant/ Director of Training. With Adept-tec, Billie has delivered advanced Enterprise Vault training in the US, Bulgaria, Poland and Holland. She has also managed the creation of a  series of one-day hands-on in-depth workshops designed for experienced Enterprise Vault administrators and consultants.

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