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While no one ever initially intends to migrate their legacy data to another platform, there are many reasons why this might be a necessary task. Merging companies, discontinued storage hardware, legacy Enterprise Vault software versions, discontinued or inappropriate 3rd party archiving platforms, system consolidation and migration to a cloud platform. All these reasons and more have been given as the initial driver for a data migration project.

Such projects can be far more complex than they initially appear, with many variables to consider and a workflow which needs to be carefully mapped out to provide a smooth and easy transition from one platform to another.
Adept-tec uses both native Enterprise Vault tools and best-of-breed partner tools combined with a proven methodology to deliver successful data migration projects. As such we are not restricted to one solution, and by understanding the capabilities and strengths of each platform, we are able to choose the appropriate tool for each data migration project.

The following are example data migration sources/targets:

  • Enterprise Vault to Enterprise Vault
  • Enterprise Vault to EV.Cloud
  • Enterprise Vault to Office 365/Exchange
  • Exchange/Office 365 to EV.Cloud
  • Zantaz EAS to Enterprise Vault
  • PST files to Mimecast
  • Eml files to Global Relay

A data migration project can be a considerable undertaking for both time and resource. Careful planning is required to ensure that there is a controlled and automated approach to minimise administration and service interruption. The target platform may well already be in operation and as such, the extra load a migration places on existing services may be unacceptable during archiving runs or normal working hours.

Some of the challenges that you may face:

  • Data volumes swell quickly
  • Backup windows lengthen
  • The environment may therefore require scale-out before the migration project
  • There may be firewalls blocking direct communications
  • Journal envelopes may require reconstruction
  • There may be many different types of content (mail, file, sharepoint data for example)
  • Items on the source may be on legal hold
  • The source environment may still be in use

Tools for Data Migration

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