What was once an adequate infrastructure for Enterprise Vault may no longer meet requirements as business needs change. This is where an Enterprise Vault Health Check allows us to review your environment and recommend modifications to optimise your archiving solution.

Typical issues we see are archiving requirements exceeding the original solution, backup and restore times becoming too lengthy to be practicable, and data reclassification or retention requirements which necessitate a change in archiving strategy. Adept-tec can help and advise you on the most cost-efficient strategy to implement the changes that you need to make. We have the tools, experience and processes to make the transition from the old to the new configuration as seamless as possible.

Adept-tec uses the following tools to help us optimise your environment.

Globanet Balance allows organizations to reduce their journaling to just a single set of centralized or regional journal mailboxes without multiple journal mailboxes and archiving tasks in each location. The solution redistributes journal mail in a round-robin fashion, allowing messages for all users to be evenly distributed into a centralized mailbox set.

Adept-tec Enterprise Vault Health Checks. Using our experience and knowledge of implementing hundreds of environments we have created our own process for reviewing customer environments. The Health Check is followed by recommendations to make changes to optimise the environment.

Quadrotech EVNearSync makes backup windows and pending shortcuts a thing of the past



Tools for Optimisation

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