Whether you need Enterprise Vault Support or maintenance in the form of a healthcheck, we can address your support requirements for your Archiving and eDiscovery environment.

Enterprise Vault Support

Implementing a great archiving solution is simply the first step. While Enterprise Vault is capable of automating the many functions of archiving, storage, indexing and expiry, the service must still be maintained regularly to keep the system in tip-top condition. Partition and index growth, SQL database growth, Backup growth, AD reconfiguration, mailbox moves, deleted AD Accounts and many more will have to be accommodated for in time. Some of these events can be planned for – others may need a more reactive approach. A poorly maintained system WILL underperform, resulting in inefficiencies in the archiving process and low user satisfaction. Adept-tec can work with your IT teams to help you plan and react to your ever changing environment and increase the satisfaction level of your user base. Or, at the very least, help to reduce support calls.
We offer bespoke support plans for health checks and regular maintenance visits in order to help keep your environment archiving smoothly.

Enterprise Vault Support | Maintenance | Healthchecks
Enterprise Vault Support | Maintenance | Healthchecks
Maintenance and Healthchecks

Do you have a flabby archiving solution? Does it get out of puff trying to archive your journal mailbox whilst simultaneously attempting to perform legal searches? Does it sit there eating a constant stream of bad data, barely pausing for breath? Your system needs an Adept-tec workout. Breathe life into old hardware by performing regular maintenance. Build those archiving muscles and increase archiving power by scaling out to new hardware. Tune. Tweak. Re-energise. Have those servers working like a MACHINE.
With our three point plan, you too can have the archiving solution that you deserve.
Stabilize. An unhealthy system is going nowhere. Attempting a quick fix bolt on is never a solution. An environment needs to be able to accommodate change. Increased server power? Useless if the backup window cannot cope with the increased data volumes. SQL Databases creaking at the seams? Simply adding more resource might not be the only answer. Or is your main issue is system stability? Determine those problem areas and focus on them.
Scale. So you have achieved a healthy state. Thing are ready to grow. But how much do you need? What are your aims and objectives for your new, improved archiving solution. Are you increasing things in proportion? Are the right personnel and infrastructure in place? Careful planning at this stage is needed to avoid frustration later on, and a requirement to stabilize again.
Maintain: Well done. You’ve achieved archiving perfection. But this is not a time to be complacent. Expectations have now been set, and your world class service will need the occasional tune up to maintain performance. Expert eyes can spot problems before others know they are even there, and take action proactively.

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