Symantec Enterprise Vault and eDiscovery Training Courses

Symantec has created a broad range of training options including instructor led Enterprise Vault and eDiscovery training courses. These courses have been refined over a number of years to focus on job related functions for example what does an Enterprise Vault administrator actually do? What skills and knowledge does the administrator require to actually do this? Adept-tec understands that training your staff will show that them that they are valued and will provide an excellent return on investment in terms of increased confidence in the archiving or migration solution that you have invested in

 At Adept-tec we provide true professional services for mail archiving and data migration by using only accredited and experienced trainers to enable your administrators to manage and maintain your email archiving solutions and migrations tools. By giving your key staff the skills required to administer, maintain, and troubleshoot your solution you will be able to ensure that the archiving or migration solution that you have invested in runs smoothly and in the long term reduce support calls. We deliver standard courses from Symantec (Enterprise Vault and eDiscovery), Globanet, Quadrotech and Vault Solutions, bespoke training courses, workshops, seminars and webinars so whatever your training needs contact us to see how we can help you get the best out of your solution. We follow up all our projects by ensuring staff are fully trained in the solution

Enterprise Vault 11 for Exchange Administration

Enterprise Vault 11 for Exchange Troubleshooting

Enterprise Vault 11 for Domino

Enterprise Vault 11 for FSA


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