What is Blended Learning?

Administrators are bombarded with so much information from different sources that often they don’t know what is important and what is not so important. Training courses are an excellent starting point but often companies cannot spare the time for their key staff to leave the office for so long. This is where blended learning is the solution. Adept-tec can conduct a training needs analysis for your staff, that is, what skills do they have and where do they need to be? Once that has been ascertained we then create a learning program blending workshops, webinars, modules and individual learning. A complete blended learning program requires a facilitator to ensure that each student on the program accomplishes key milestones.


The need for Bespoke Training

On many occasions although it is good to have an all-round knowledge of the archiving or migration solution that has been implemented companies cannot spare the time to release their staff for a standard course. This is where at Adept-tec, we know your solution well so that we can create a course just for you – omitting components that you have not implemented and including content that is important to you for example troubleshooting and maintenance. Often bespoke training is actually a more effective solution than a standard training course.

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