Adept-tec consultants have created a series of one-day hands-on Enterprise Vault workshops that are project-focused and invaluable if you already have a good understanding of Enterprise Vault but need to know about the strategies, pitfalls and additional tools that are available to implement these projects successfully. They can be mixed and matched to meet your requirements and delivered on or off-site.

Why attend a workshop rather than the standard Symantec training courses?

These workshops are designed to complement not replace the Symantec Enterprise Vault training. We understand that it is difficult to free up key staff for 4-5 days without impacting the business and often more experienced Enterprise Vault administrators need more focused project in-depth specific training which the Symantec course just touches on. For example in our Backup and Recovery workshop, we discuss different backup strategies and how to ensure that you can recover from different types of data loss. In our Storage Life Cycle Management workshop, we cover intelligent archiving and using filters to ensure that unwanted data is not archived. In our Migration to EV 11 workshop, we cover all the options available for migration and upgrade and also cover what to do when things go wrong.

When are these workshops run?

The workshops are run on-demand. Please click here to contact us.

Who should attend these workshops?

Enterprise Vault administrators who are planning projects and need to prepare and understand the requirements to implement these projects. Examples include:

  • Planning and Managing a PST migration project
  • Improve and tune archiving solutions
  • Upgrading to Enterprise Vault 11
  • Manage growing data

What are workshop formats?

These are one-day workshops and can be mixed and matched if students need to combine a number of workshops. The workshops are limited to between 4-8 students to enable active discussion during the workshop and to allow the consultant to guide each student. They can be delivered on your site or offsite at key locations to suit and are guided by experienced in-the-field consultants. A key component of every workshop is the opportunity to try out and practice the solutions that are discussed in each workshop with hands-on labs.

What will I learn?

Enterprise Vault Workshop: Performance and Tuning

While implementing a basic Enterprise Vault environment is relatively straightforward, as the environment ages and scales, performance problems can appear. This workshop is designed to provide insight into the factors that can affect performance and will show how issues can be mitigated with thoughtful design. In this workshop you will learn to use the tools required to establish a baseline level of performance; learn the important configuration components that affect performance, and finally how to tune and configure these parameters. This consultant-led workshop provides the student with the real-world skills to tune their operational Enterprise Vault environment.

Enterprise Vault Workshop: Best practices for Backup and Recovery

It is always important to have a strategy to protect and recover from disaster. Archiving solutions are not exempt from this, and due to their continual data growth, can prove a complex and challenging backup source. Due to the growing volumes of data, a solution which may have worked at implementation may become quickly redundant or untenable. This workshop aims to provide the student with a deep understanding of which data requires backup using the most appropriate method. This workshop also includes hands-on labs for testing recovery strategies, which are often neglected. The student then has the required skills and expertise to design their own backup and recovery solutions, and develop them over time.

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