Adept-tec are Quadrotech’s certified UK partners

Quadrotech offers intelligent, automated solutions to deliver fast, compliant data migration projects of all sizes. Their single-vendor approach allows the management and coordination of migration across five email content locations (mailboxes, archives, PST Files, Public Folders, and tenant-to-tenant). Adept-tec’s unrivalled expertise in Quadrotech’s product base earned them the Partner Award 2015 of ‘UK – Outstanding Contribution’.

Quadrotech specialises in products that cater to the migration of email archives, mailboxes and PST files. We tap into this technology expertise to help manage email migration projects that involve email infrastructure transitions. These mainly derive from archives, PST files and mailboxes.

The range of EV migrations we offer include:

EV to Exchange

EV to Office 365

EV File System Archiving migrations

EV to EV migrations

EV to PST migrations

EV near Sync

Quadrotech’s EV near Sync creates a reliable secondary copy of each and every archived item, eliminates the need for archive backup and simplifies the recovery process. EV near Sync replicates archived data from a source location to a destination location, and verifies the content using a sophisticated algorithm. EVnearSync guarantees a consistent secondary copy of the data. In the case of problems with primary storage, EV near Sync can switch to the secondary copy within seconds and then failback to the original copy once the issue has been resolved.




Archive Shuttle

Quadrotech’s Archive Shuttle makes the task of migrating archives manageable. In situations where large volumes of data need to be transferred and managed, Archive Shuttle ensures users have uninterrupted and seamless access to their data. This tool is designed to manage the movement of large scale Symantec Enterprise Vault archives within Symantec Enterprise Vault versions and configurations. It can also manage the migration of Symantec Enterprise Vault based solution into native Microsoft Exchange Archiving.



PST Flightdeck

An administrator in a large enterprise must be able to complete various tasks within a limited timeframe. Quadrotech’s PST FlightDeck gives complete control over the PST files in your environment.  This sophisticated tool handles technical challenges with automated password removal, filtering, de-duplication, and identifying orphaned files.  It can ingest PST files into archive systems like Veritas Enterprise Vault, Microsoft Exchange 2010 personal archive mailbox or Office 365.


FSA Migrator

Quadrotech’s FSA Migrator allows the administrator to consolidate Veritas Enterprise Vault File System Archiving (FSA) data, and non-archived data from multiple source locations to specified target locations.  FSA Migrator provides a sleek, fast and intuitive interface to manage the migration of both archived and non-archived files with ease.