Optimisation and Support

Optimisation and Support of Enterprise Vault

As business needs change it may be necessary to review your current infrastructure for Enterprise Vault. Typical issues we see are archiving requirements exceeding the original solution, backup and restore times becoming too lengthy to be practicable, and data reclassification or retention requirements which necessitate a change in archiving strategy. We can apply an Enterprise Vault Health Check to ascertain what modifications may be required to optimise your archiving solution.

Adept-tec can advise you on the most cost-efficient strategy to implement the changes that you need. We have the tools, experience and processes to make the transition from the old to the new configuration as seamless as possible.

Globanet Balance




Globanet Balance allows organizations to reduce their journaling to just a single set of centralized or regional journal mailboxes without multiple journal mailboxes and archiving tasks in each location. The solution redistributes journal mail in a round-robin fashion, allowing messages for all users to be evenly distributed into a centralized mailbox set.

Enterprise Vault Health Check

Using our experience and knowledge of implementing hundreds of environments we have created our own process for reviewing customer environments. The Health Check is followed by recommendations to make changes to optimise the environment.

EV near Sync

As an EV replication tool, EV near Sync manages the process of creating a reliable second copy of each archived item, eliminating the need for Enterprise Vault archiving storage backups, and simplifying the continuity and recovery process. Users are able to connect to the secondary copy in seconds, instead of waiting hours for backups to be restored.

For more in-depth information please contact us or refer to the relevant datasheet.



Enterprise Vault Support

While Enterprise Vault is capable of automating the many functions of archiving, storage, indexing and expiry, the service must still be maintained regularly to keep the system in tip-top condition. Partition and index growth, SQL database growth, Backup growth, AD reconfiguration, mailbox moves, deleted AD Accounts and many more must be accommodated for in time. Some of these events can be planned for – others may need a more reactive approach. A poorly maintained system WILL underperform, resulting in inefficiencies in the archiving process and low user satisfaction. Adept-tec can work with your IT teams to help you plan and react to your ever changing environment and increase the satisfaction level of your user base. We offer bespoke support plans for health checks and regular maintenance visits in order to help keep your environment archiving smoothly.