PST Elimination

PST Migrations

A Personal Storage Table, or PST, is used in Microsoft Outlook to store email messages, calendar items and other data usually kept in Outlook. In contrast to normal Microsoft Exchange Server information, which is stored on a server and accessed by Outlook, a PST file is typically stored on a user’s local hard disk or, in a corporate environment, on a file server. Users often employ PST files to circumvent server storage quotas. Because these personal folders are stored on individual work stations rather than on a centralized server, they can present several vexing management challenges and business risks.

Over the years Adept-tec has developed an in-depth understanding of the obstacles PST files present. We can help you address these issues by planning and implementing a PST migration project.

If you would like to learn more about how Adept-tec can assist you through the whole PST migration process, please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Adept-tec has chosen PST Flight Deck as a best-of-breed tool to eliminate PST files:

PST FlightDeck

Using an intelligent and automated approach, PST Flight Deck:
• Scans local drives, attached USB devices, and network shares.
• Runs detailed reporting of PST location and size.
• Manages user policies, interactions, notifications and authorizations.
• Offers secure, automatic centralization, with newly enhanced bandwidth control.
• Filters, verifies, and de-duplicates files, with password removal, and corruption repair.
• Delivers rapid ingestion into the new platform, with automated elimination of old PSTs.
• Supports Microsoft Azure, on-premises, or hybrid set up.
• Handles leaver’s PST files with terminated account workflows.
• Enables flexible user management with profile based workflows.
• Provides Macintosh support for both PST and OLM files