Veritas Enterprise Vault and eDiscovery Training Courses

Adept-tec understands that training your staff will provide an excellent return on investment in terms of increased confidence in the archiving or migration solution that you have invested in.

Using only accredited and experienced trainers we can teach your administrators to manage and maintain your email archiving solutions and migrations tools. We do this by enchancing your staff’s skills to administer, maintain, and troubleshoot your solution so that your archiving or migration solution runs smoothly and in the long term reduces support calls.

We deliver standard courses from Veritas (Enterprise Vault and eDiscovery), Globanet, Quadrotech and Vault Solutions, bespoke training courses, workshops, seminars and webinars so whatever your training needs contact us to see how we can help you get the best out of your solution.

Enterprise Vault Workshops

Adept-tec consultants have created one-day hands-on Enterprise Vault workshops that are project-focused and invaluable if you already have a good understanding of Enterprise Vault but need to know about the strategies, pitfalls and additional tools that are available to implement these projects successfully.

These workshops can be provided on or off-site and are designed to complement the standard Veritas Enterprise Vault training, providing more focused project-specific training.

Some of the subject areas we cover include the following:

  • Planning and Managing a PST migration project
  • Improve and tune archiving solutions
  • Upgrading to Enterprise Vault 11
  • Manage growing data
Bespoke Training

On many occasions although it is good to have an all-round knowledge of the archiving or migration solution that has been implemented, companies cannot spare the time to release their staff for a standard course. At Adept-tec we can establish your training according to the specific needs of your solution. We can omit components that you have not implemented and work around your staff’s time constraints. Such bespoke training can be much more cost effective as we can be flexible with the content as well as the duration of the course.