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Enterprise Vault is email archiving software that bridges the gap between legal and IT by adding intelligence to the way organizations store, manage and discover information. As the industry’s most widely deployed data archiving solution, Enterprise Vault de-duplicates information, reduces backup and storage costs, and enables a repeatable and defensible discovery process. However, implementing Enterprise Vault is a significant undertaking, which requires hands-on experience and expertise.

Adept-tec’s IT professional services works closely with clients to design and implement Enterprise Vault environments in the following areas:

Design and Implementation

At Adept-tec, we recognise the focus of any successful design and implementation is to understand how the solution will be used in the future so that current investment is not wasted. We are proficient in installing and managing literally hundreds of differently configured IT environments for a wide range of clients in different sectors. Initially, the design phase will consist of an onsite workshop where we will work to understand your needs and formulate a solution to meet the requirements. Once the solution design phase is complete including documentation and customer sign off, we will proceed with a phased implementation approach dependant on the scale of the project.

High Availability And Disaster Recovery

To ensure that your business can deal with the unforeseen, it is crucial to ensure that key Enterprise Vault data is being properly managed and secured. Backing up the critical Enterprise Vault data is a key component of any disaster recovery plan. In the event of a fire, a flood or some other unforeseen event, you’ll need to know, in advance, that you can still access up to date Enterprise Vault information as soon as possible. The Adept-tec team of advisers helps clients to plan comprehensively for such possibilities. Whether constructing a day-to-day backup policy, a business continuity plan or a business-wide disaster recovery plan, we first analyse your business ahead of delivering a bespoke technical solution. Typically, we analyse the existing Enterprise Vault infrastructure. We will consider key commercial Enterprise Vault issues such as the criticality of any given component, key compliance and regulatory issues and the overall cost of the required protection. In reality, few businesses can justify a plan which replicates every single aspect of their existing infrastructure. So, the skill in business recovery planning involves understanding the trade-off between the level of protection delivered and the absolute cost of the plan. Every client is different. Every industry is different.


Optimisation, Audit and Review

The service consists of a full audit and reviews every aspect of your Enterprise Vault environment to ensure the environment is configured and working as per best practice. The audit includes policy review, storage capacity, utilization, and performance measurements as well as a data backup and recovery evaluation. The resulting report provides our clients with information on their current production Enterprise Vault environment, risks analysis and recommendations following an onsite audit. Results of the analysis will be provided and recommendations given where appropriate.

Upgrading Symantec Enterprise Vault

Symantec works constantly to make Enterpise Vault faster, better, and more reliable. With a service pack released every 6 months and a major version released every 18-24 months your business will require an upgrade to take advantage of the powerful Archiving and eDiscovery features included in the latest release of Enterprise Vault. The Adept-tec Consultant will run a workshop with you to gather all the information required to produce a detailed upgrade plan. The upgrade plan will provide advice on the strategy and steps needed to upgrade to the latest version of Enterprise Vault. As part of the upgrade service Adept-tec will take the opportunity to inspect, highlight and implement agreed changes to your Enterprise Vault environment to further optimise the system. Adept-tec offers a complete Enterprise Vault Upgrade Program to bring your Enterprise Vault installation up-to-date. Your Enterprise Vault environment will be configured and optimised to take full advantage of the latest Enterprise Vault feature set.

Whether you are a ‘Green Field’ site implementing Enterprise Vault for the first time or require consultancy for existing systems, Adept-tec can provide delivery skills to partner with you from initial engagement through to final handover.  We understand there is a balance between leveraging investment in existing Enterprise Vault infrastructure and new investment in an Archiving & eDiscovery system.

We pride ourselves on our consultants having a genuine commercial understanding as well as extensive technical experience in using technology to optimise business performance.

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