Data Consolidation

Data Consolidation

Data consolidation is the integration of data from multiple sources into a single archiving solution. With data originating from a range of sources, consolidation allows organizations to better present and analyse data. Data consolidation techniques reduce inefficiencies, like data duplication, costs related to reliance on multiple data stores and multiple data management points.

Adept-tec can help you to extend your archiving solution to a wide variety of content sources, including Bloomberg, Reuters, Lync, BlackBerry SMS/Pin-to-Pin and social media (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Chatter, Yammer and more). Our solutions are an affordable, user friendly way to merge your company’s data streams into a single, searchable archive of records.

This helps your organization meet SEC compliance standards and reduces compliance and legal risk by enabling discovery of important communications sent via enterprise messaging systems.

A tool that Adept-tec uses to consolidate your data:


Globanet Merge1 was designed to help organizations easily archive all of their communications into their existing archive. Once archived, these messages can be:

  • Retained to meet corporate and regulation related policies
  • Supervised for compliance purposes
  • Discovered during litigation or other eDiscovery activities

Merge1 Key Features

  • Archive agnostic
  • Runs on existing infrastructure
  • Small hardware footprint
  • On-prem or Cloud-based
  • Supports 20+ messaging platforms