Adept-tec partners have carefully been selected on the basis of the functionality and quality of their products. As part of a collaborative process we provide feedback to Adept-tec partners and add value to the products we support. In return our partners provide us with the technical backup we need to design a customer-focused and effective solution. Ultimately our goals are the same: delivery of solutions that are comprehensive in scope and successful in implementation.

At Adept-tec, we recognise the focus of any successful design and implementation is to understand how the solution will be used in the future so that current investment is not wasted. Initially, the design phase will consist of an onsite workshop to understand your needs and formulate a solution to meet the requirements, continuing with a phased implementation approach dependant on the scale of the project.

Adept-tec is a certified Quadrotech partner in the UK.

Quadrotech is the only specialist data migration software vendor with integrated tools that address the entire email ecosystem.

Certified Quadrotech migration partners, like Adept-tec, deliver the highest value to their customers and demonstrate expertise in multiple Quadrotech solution sets, consistently attaining a high level of customer satisfaction. Via a powerful alliance, Quadrotech provides partners with extensive access to technical resources, with an additional focus on joint planning and the development to mutually benefit the customer.

In 2015, Quadrotech awarded Adept-tec with ‘Outstanding Contribution’ in the UK for our proficiency in delivering Quadrotech migration solutions to our clients.

Globanet is a software development company that provides data migration, archiving, electronic discovery and compliance software. Adept-tec is a Globanet gold partner delivering solutions in EMEA. We collaborate with Globanet to provide the best solutions to fit our clients’ needs and to ensure the success of each project that we undertake. As a Globanet gold partner we have access to their technical expertise and resources.
Vault Solutions
Vault Solutions work closely with Veritas development to create add-on tools that enhance native Enterprise Vault functionality and offer Enterprise Vault administrators tailor made solutions to deal with issues specific to working with Enterprise Vault. Vault Solutions also provide tools for administrators who are considering moving to alternative archiving platforms and need to effectively manage Enterprise Vault propriety files and shortcuts.