Adept-tec has created a number of ‘how to’ videos to answer common questions by Enterprise Vault administrators. Browse through our video titles below to find out how to carry out key tasks in Enterprise Vault.

Enterprise Vault 12
[videos to be added in due course]
Enterprise Vault 9

Moving Index Volumes in EV9


Configuring Partition Rollover

Applying EV Service Packs

EVPM for Multi-Archive Permissions

Creating Vault Store Partitions

How to Set EV Archive Limits

Configuring Storage Devices

Archive Bit and XML Files

Configuring Collections and Migrations

OWA 2010 and EV

Why Have I Got EV?

What is Virtual Vault?

What is Vault Cache

FSA Introduction

Daily Monitoring Checks

Best Practices for Backing Up Enterprise Vault

Creating a Powershell Script to Back Up Enterprise Vault

Enterprise Vault Post-processing

Best Practice for Recovering Enterprise Vault

How to Recover Enterprise Vault