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Adept-tec partners have carefully been selected on the basis of the functionality and quality of their products. As part of a collaborative process we provide feedback to Adept-tec partners and add value to the products we support. In return our partners provide us with the technical backup we need to design a customer-focused and effective solution. Ultimately our goals are the same: delivery of solutions that are comprehensive in scope and successful in implementation.

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Data entry,Women key information into the computer.

November 25, 2023

Enterprise Vault 12.3 is has now been released. There are some specific features in this release that will assist your compliance to GDPR. Below we focus on these features. Classification…

7 Steps to GDPR Compliance

November 25, 2023

Getting ready for GDPR compliance is more than just implementing a number of technical solutions. Attaining compliance involves taking the right steps to firstly achieve compliance and then implementing monitoring…

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